Friday, 15 April 2011

Let's Go Shopping

The brains and brilliance behind BrisStyle are on our wavelength! Dedicated to showcasing the glory and greatness of the creative minds of Queensland.

We love them!

Every Saturday they have a feature post, 'Let's Go Shopping' where they uncover indie cool finds from the crafters and creators of Brisbane, and the coolest thing? They want you to play along! Leave your 'Let's Go Shopping post link at the bottom of their page, and then everyone can see and admire what awesome treasures you have found! Cool!

And we just couldn't resist.

You can find the BrisStyle team in blog land here and on Facey here

And, now, for the contents of our Shopping bag this fine Saturday morn.... (As always, we kept it local, and these are all fabulous finds from the Sunny State of QLD, oh joy!)

BBPP Designs Red Round Bead Necklace.   View it HERE

Hello Penny 5x7 'Windswept' Print   View it HERE

Heidi Creations Pink Clutch    View it HERE

Calabash Button Up Skirt    View it HERE

So there are four fantastic finds for you all to enjoy! You should definitely head over to the BrisStyle blog, and get involved!

And on that note, who wants to waste the rest of the weekend with their face pressed against the screen!? Not us! See you next week kiddo!

Peace, CP .x


  1. What a very tempting collection. Love the purse, and if only I had the youth and the legs, that skirt would be top of my list.

  2. Robyn, you beat me to it. How striking is that purse!? Beautiful finds, CP. x

  3. Just gorgeous and of course am abit partial to the ruby red necklace! Maybe you could have a custome version of the skirt Robyn xx

  4. I agree - the purse is extra-ordinary, but all up a great selection!

  5. Great selection! I'm a fan of the necklace too.

  6. Thank you so much for joining in the BrisStyle Let's Go Shopping post. Love your finds, especially that purse! x

  7. Thanks for the lovely words ladies, 'tis most enjoyable to go virtual shopping, and unless someone beats us to it, that purse is top of the list for our 'Make it Local May' shopping extravaganza!

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