Friday, 15 April 2011

Let's Go Shopping

The brains and brilliance behind BrisStyle are on our wavelength! Dedicated to showcasing the glory and greatness of the creative minds of Queensland.

We love them!

Every Saturday they have a feature post, 'Let's Go Shopping' where they uncover indie cool finds from the crafters and creators of Brisbane, and the coolest thing? They want you to play along! Leave your 'Let's Go Shopping post link at the bottom of their page, and then everyone can see and admire what awesome treasures you have found! Cool!

And we just couldn't resist.

You can find the BrisStyle team in blog land here and on Facey here

And, now, for the contents of our Shopping bag this fine Saturday morn.... (As always, we kept it local, and these are all fabulous finds from the Sunny State of QLD, oh joy!)

BBPP Designs Red Round Bead Necklace.   View it HERE

Hello Penny 5x7 'Windswept' Print   View it HERE

Heidi Creations Pink Clutch    View it HERE

Calabash Button Up Skirt    View it HERE

So there are four fantastic finds for you all to enjoy! You should definitely head over to the BrisStyle blog, and get involved!

And on that note, who wants to waste the rest of the weekend with their face pressed against the screen!? Not us! See you next week kiddo!

Peace, CP .x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Common Bombin'

Oooh, a brainspark! Yay!

So, as many of you readers may already know, we are dedicated to showcasing the greatness of handcrafted, the joyfulness of creating, the satisfaction of being individual, and the hells-yeah of shunning the mass-produced mindset that is happening in the wickedly wonderful state of QLD.

We do heaps of sniffing about and foraging around, to see what wonderful things are happening in this here glorious state, and so far, we have found heaps and heaps of really awesome stuff.

But, after stumbling upon this here bloggy blog, our brainsparks got jangling and jingling, and we had a thought....

Check out Pom Pom and Purl, the blog of Em, formerly a G. Coaster, now a resident of Mackay.

I'm sure that being a crafty little minx, (or manx perhaps) you are well familiar with the world of indie crafts, and the concept of yarn bombing is as common to you as shoelaces or toothpaste, but let us tell you about this genius little mind melt we had.

Common Bombin'

We have snuck out in the wee small hours, and started our very own Common Craft tree! Yahoo!
What better way to blind the masses with creative high beams than to Craft in public!? That's correct you clever cookie, none! Then they are forced to look, to ooh and aah, to think 'Hey wait! That's freakin' Awesome!'

Where yarn-bombing falls short (are we allowed to say that!?) Is that only yarn artistes can get on board. What we envision with a Common Craft Tree is that anyone and everyone can contribute and participate, whether they be sewers, or silversmiths, or whatever the heck your craft may be!

What we are imagining in our currently hyped and over-stimulated minds is a Common Craft tree in every suburb, of every town right across Queensland,  so that every person who inhabits, or passes through this beautiful state of ours is exposed to the glorious world of handmade!

If you want to start a Common Craft tree in your neigbourhood, we say "Go Right Ahead buddy!" Just a couple of things to keep in mind.  Make a pretty little sign for the tree to wear, so that people know it is a craft project, not to mess with or destroy it, and leave some details about The Common, like our Blog or our Facebook or our Etsy page.  Also, don't forget to let people know where you have created your masterpiece, so that they can add to it! Aaaand, each time you add to it, don't forget to leave your links and connection details!

Oh, and snap some pretty pics, so that we all can see too!

Image from Pom Pom and Purl

Peace ya'll, and love, love, love!

CP .x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

In the Making with Little Pipette

Hey there!

Here it is, our first ever guest post, and our first ever 'In the Making'!  Exciting for us, and hopefully lots of fun and excitement for you too.

What exactly is 'In the making'?
Well my friends, we have asked creative Queenslanders to sit down and nut out something wonderfully crafty for you all to make, and then here on the bloggy-blog we share it with you all, so that you can get involved in the making and feel all crafty and wonderful too.

We are hoping to make 'In the Making' a regular feature here, as we can't think of anything more super-dee-dooper than getting hoards of the public involved in the joyful activity of making stuff! If you would be interested in creating a guest post for this spot, we would just love to have you, so email us at and let us know.

And now, let me introduce Little, who is our guest here today, the owner of Pipette children's handmade clothing and accessories, and the creator of today's In the Making post.  Thanks so much to Little for taking the time to create and share, so that you can all be joyful and crafty!

The supplies lists, patterns and instructions are all here, but if you want,  we have created some Etsy listings so that you can purchase a complete kit for $10.00 (excl. postage) which includes everything you need to get crafty-cool!  You can find the kits in the The Common People Etsy store
And now, lets get on getting our craft on!

What you will make, if you participate is this little fellow here, how Elephantastic!

And here is all the info, including the embroidery techniques.  We would love to see your finished creations over at The Common on Facey, so once you're done, upload some pics for us to look and like at....

Thanks again to Little Pipette!

Supplies you need
-          2 pieces of 15x15cm felt in first colour
-          1 piece 5x5cm felt in contrasting colour
-          1 packet of Embroidery Floss
-          Embroidery Needle
-          Small amount of stuffing/polyfill
-          Sewing Needle
-          Sewing Thread
-          Sew-on Brooch Backing
-          Pins
-          Scissors

How to make your Elephant Brooch

-    Cut your pattern pieces out and pin them onto the felt, then cut them out as follows:
Cut 1 body piece on the right side of the felt
Cut 1 body piece on the wrong side of the felt
Cut 1 ear piece from the contrasting felt

-          If you want to decorate your elephant with things like beads or trim, now is the time to do this. Stitch your decorations onto the right side of the front piece, making sure your thread starts and ends on the reverse side of the felt so that all knots will be hidden. It is best to use a normal sewing needle and thread for this bit as embroidery thread is too large.

-          Pin the elephant’s ear in place, a few millimetres from the top edge of the body piece. Blanket stitch around the edge of the ear, running your thread through both the ear and the body pieces of felt. Start and finish your stitches on the reverse side of the body piece.

-          Stitch the elephant’s eye. Decide where you want the eye to be, and create a French knot, starting your thread on the reverse side of the body piece.

Attach the brooch pin backing to the outside of the back piece of the body. Start and finish your stitches on the wrong side of this piece, so that all your knots and ends will be hidden.  It may be easier to use a normal sewing needle and thread to do this.

-          Starting at the back of the front leg, blanket stitch the body pieces together around the edges until you reach the front of the back leg.

-          Without cutting or removing the thread, stuff the elephant. You may need to use a pointed object to get the stuffing all the way to the end of the trunk.

-          Stitch up the opening, making sure your last stitch goes between the layers of felt and out through the back of the elephant.  Pull it really tight, and cut it as close as possible to the felt so that it will slip back inside and be hidden.


Embroidery stitches you will use
Blanket Stitch:
-    Thread your needle and knot the tail end. Start between the two layers and poke your needle down through the bottom layer. This will put your knot in between the two layers.

-    Poke your needle down from the top layer so that the needle comes out the bottom at the same spot where you started, creating a loop.

-    Put your needle under the loop stitch you just made (poke the needle under the stitch going sideways along the crack of the two layers)

-    Poke your needle down from the top over from where the thread first came up, then bring your needle up from the back, and through the loop of thread, then pull it tight.
Do this all the way around until you get back to the beginning and then…
-    Slide your needle sideways underneath your first stitch, and pull your thread tight.

-    Loop your needle through that stitch again, but before pulling it tight, send your needle through the loop to make a knot. Then pull it tight to complete the knot.
To hide the knot and the tail ends, slip your needle between the layers of felt and then out through one side.
Pull the thread tight, then cut the tail off as close to the felt as possible. The tail will disappear between the layers.

French Knot:
-    Start the same way as blanket stitch, putting your needle through the felt where you want the stitch to be. Hold the thread firmly between your left index finger and thumb and away from the fabric.

-    With the needle pointed away from the fabric, wrap the thread over and around the needle with your left hand. Wrapping twice will give you a smaller knot, three times will give you a larger one.

-    Holding the thread tight with in your left hand, turn the needle downward and start to take it to the back a few millimetres away, not into the same hole.

-    With the tip of the needle inside the hole, slide the knot down the needle onto the fabric pulling the thread tight with your left hand at the same time. Beware! If you pull the knot too tightly, the eye of the needle won’t fit through the knot as the thread goes to the back. If it’s too loose you’ll get a sloppy knot that won’t lay flat.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Eye Candy

Oooh la-la!

It was simply such a delightful experience, nosed pressed against the screen, tapping away in a mad and excited fervor to uncover the most joyous of joyful hidden Queensland treasures, that we just couldn't resist spending our hours doing it all over again.

Here it is, Eye Candy the second, just as wonderful as the one that came before, and no doubt equally as grand as the one that will come next (our anticipation stations are high on that one!)

Enjoy friends!

 1. Illustrated girl badges by Pannikin
 2. Jovial christmas globe by The Paper Tie Affair
 3. Fibre wearable art necklace by Ren's Fibre Art
 4. Petrie dish wall hanging by Little Chrissy
 5. Upcycled floral top by A Little Original
 6. Memories of childhood paper garland by Collecting Feathers
 7. Vintage foxes buttons by Under The Stairs
 8. Daisy fields button necklace by The Lost Button Shoppe
 9. Tiger trim quilted jacket by Whimcee
10. TV test pattern brooch by Gone Dotti
11. Eco envelope purse by Jellygnite
12. Vintage magnets by Paper Tree Design
13. Oriental collage by DK Shop Girl
14. Turquoise wire nest ring by Rock n' Wrap
15. Sgt Pepper softie set by Wicked Child Designs
16. Recycled storybook bunting by Kitty Boo Boo Design

Entire treasury can be viewed here, and if you are an Etsian, and would like us to share something grandiose and gorgeous of yours, our profile can be found here and if you are a fan of Facebook, you can find our page here.  We are thinking that is quite enough linking

Love, love, love.  CP .x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Eye Candy

What better way to begin than to share something lovely to look at?
Thats right, none!

So here is the first ever Eye Candy. A collection of pieces pulled from Etsy by Queensland sellers to excite and delight you.

The full treasury can be viewed here 

 1. Jane Doll by Retro Bird Designs
 2. Gramophone Embroidered Wall Art by Edward and Lily
 3. Crossroads Quilt by Wild Honey Quilts
 4. Snappy Cuff by Once Worn
 5. Vine Felt Scarf by Beljay
 6. Screenprinted Placemats by Paluma Print
 7. A little rain brooch by Hungry Designs
 8. African inspired dress by Ogekko
 9. Lipstick on your collar Pin by Savage Kitten 
10. Ferris Wheel Photography Print by Hey Harriet
11. Silver wrap skirt by Connecting the Thread
12. Sookie the Grizzly softie by Winnifreds Daughter

If you are an Etsy local, feel free to leave your shop link in the comments below so we can check it out.

Peace, CP .x

Lets Begin

Hey there you,
Thanks for coming to visit!
As we are just in the brand new beginnings stage over here at The Common, there is not quite yet a lot to look at, or involve yourself in, but never fear, we have great grandiose plans for this little space of webiness, and hopefully, if you stay just a little while, it will become a fantastically inspiring, exciting and joyful place to be.

What we aim to do is to shine a light on the brilliance that exists, in a funky, underground uber-cool kind of way in the glorious state of Queensland.  As a purveyor of all things schmick, we know that you already have your finger on the pulse (well, you're here aren't you?!) and we want to spread the love about the gloriousness that is existing all around you.

Amidst the too-short skirts, the too-big boobs, and the too-bright boardies, there are amazing and awesome things happening.

We dig the kind of people that say 'BAH' to mass-produced, and instead say 'I'm gonna do something different, unique, individual!'  If that is you, and you are doing something brilliant, we would love to hear from you.